2020 Black Cricket RX5 - SOLD

Standard Features for RX5

  • Model: Double-Seat CRICKET RX5 Electric Sport vehicle - Four-wheel, electric powered.
  • Maximum Speed: Controlled from 0 to 12 mph in consideration of congested areas and terrain
  • Battery Charging: Permanent on-board charging unit underneath front seat Frame: MIG-welded high-tensile steel with corrosion protection
  • Brakes: Single regenerative electromagnetic braking
  • Batteries: 3 heavy-duty glass-mat U1, 12-volt 35-amp\hour in series (36-volt system) Battery charger: 10-amp, automatic cut-off when fully charged
  • Adjusted Overall Length: For Storage and Transport: 58" (with floorboard extension removed) 
  • Overall Width: 32" (including utility box)
  • Overall Height: 28" (with seat back removed, steering wheel folded down, and rear passenger safety bar removed) 
  • Load Capacity: 600 Ibs. • Vehicle Curb Weight: 313 Ibs.

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